Tunisia offers your or your staff the chance to experience a wonderful new way of life but, to make the most of this opportunity, we offer orientation and ongoing advice.


One of our Expat Solutions specialists will give you an introduction and helping hand around the areas of home, education of your children, lifestyle, social networks and groups along with other support.

In our experience, an orientation tour and ongoing support gives your staff the best possible start to their new working life. It avoids the stress and depression caused from being left on their own in a new country and enables them to perform better and become more productive employees.

All orientation services are customised to your business requirements however most follow the process below

• Initial telephone conversation with your expat solution account manager
• Client consultation and agreement of service levels
• Employee and family local Area Orientation tour
• Visiting a selection of properties and locations.
• Visit some key schools in the chosen areas
• General orientation of local services – public transport, utilities, bank and shopping
• General orientation of social and entertainment areas – local parks and recreational facilities
• Provide impartial advice on area and lifestyle etiquette
• Address employee’s questions and any concerns around the move
• Be on hand for emergencies and questions they may have ongoing.

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