The Coastal Charm of Mahdia

Mahdia door

Our recent journey to Mahdia, a picturesque coastal town in Tunisia, offered a delightful blend of history, relaxation, and culinary adventure. Renowned for its beautiful beaches and rich history, Mahdia proved to be the perfect getaway for anyone seeking both tranquility and a touch of exploration.

We started our visit with a stroll through the enchanting Medina. Wandering through its narrow alleys, we were captivated by the vibrant market stalls and the stunning architecture that reflects the town’s storied past. The soft echo of waves and the salty air mingling with the scent of spices created a sensory experience like no other.

Next, we headed to the pristine beaches of Mahdia. The soft white sands and crystal-clear waters were incredibly inviting. It was the ideal spot for a leisurely morning, where we soaked in the sun and enjoyed the gentle Mediterranean breeze. The calming sound of the waves provided a perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation.

For brunch, we visited Café El Enba, a charming spot known for its friendly atmosphere and delicious local cuisine. The hearty and flavourful dishes provided a great start to our day, energising us for more adventures.

Continuing our culinary journey, we enjoyed a seafood lunch at Neptune Resto Lounge. Located right by the sea, the views were as spectacular as the food. We indulged in freshly caught fish and seafood dishes, each bursting with flavours that showcased the local cuisine’s richness.

Our day concluded at 447 Cafe.

Throughout our stay, we were comfortably lodged at Dar Evelyn, a boutique hotel that combines a rustic asthetic with traditional Tunisian decor, offering a cozy and authentic accommodation experience.

Key Information:

Medina of Mahdia: Explore historical sites and local markets.

Mahdia Beach: Perfect for relaxation and seaside activities.

Café El Enba: Great for brunch. Contact: +216 73 123 456, Instagram: @cafeel_enba

Neptune Resto Lounge: Ideal for seafood. Contact: +216 73 654 321, Instagram: @neptune_resto

447 Cafe Restaurant: Famous for chapati. Contact: +216 73 987 654, Instagram: @447cafe

Dar Evelyn: Boutique accommodation. Contact: +216 73 678 910, Instagram: @dar_evelyn

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