Tunis Financial Harbour

Aerial view of a modern waterfront city with numerous buildings and a high-rise tower beside the vast body of water known as Tunis Financial Harbour, lined with docks and boats. The waterfront is adorned with palm trees and greenery, and the cityscape extends into the distance under a clear blue sky.

This is an article to show you the project Tunis financial harbour.ย 

Tunis Financial Harbour

On the Tuesday 9th June, 2009 the president of Tunisia laid the foundation stone for the latest project which promises to make Tunis a key financial centre for the region.

What promises to make this project special is that, in addition to its size, is the focus it has on providing a financial centre in Tunis and that the jobs provided will be of a skilled nature seldom available in Tunisia before.

Historically, Tunisia has always been the centre of the region and having this facility makes perfect sense given the proximity to Africa and Europe.

Built up into four areas, the developments “zones” will include Investment Banking, Corporate Centre, Insurance and the the pre-eminent international financial exchange in the region.

It is envisaged that the centre will provide 16,000 jobs and even though quite a number of positions will need foreign workers its still means that such jobs will be undertaken in Tunisia and thus offers young Tunisians the chance to gain highly paid and desired financial skills.

Located near Gammarth in the area of Raoued, it will also offer real estate and facilities all within easy reach of the nation’s capital.

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